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About Us


We protect our planet. We are a place of gather. 
What is an eco-friendly company? It’s one that cares about the environment and understands the meaning of stewardship. Green companies find ways to improve the lives of their customers, employees, and communities by instilling eco-friendly practices into everything they do. They’re driven by an ethic of responsible planning and efficient management of resources. 
Being green is part of the Sage & Barrel core mission. When it comes to how we conduct our business and connect merchant to consumer, we take the long view. We ask: How will what we do today impact our world tomorrow? How can we be bridge builders and optimize our business processes to protect and sustain our earth? 
Our Vision 
We’re proud to be a platform in promoting eco-friendly business practices. Striving to protect and sustain our environment is a given at every stage. 
Our green vision goes beyond delivering environmentally sustainable products. Helping American merchants sustain their businesses, lifestyle, productivity, and passions is at the core of our mission as a green company. 
We ask: How can we provide a platform to protect by minimalizing our environmental impact? How can we be a place of gather and inclusiveness by supporting women-led and small business owners?  
Our Mission  
To make sure we have a clean and beautiful planet for the future generations. Here at Sage & Barrel, we are dedicated to having eco-friendly, hand-made, small brands made or based in the USA. We are committed to improving our footprint on this world. Sage stands for protecting the environmentBarrel is for gathering women-led and small businesses owners and providing them a platform to flourish. We are stronger together. 
Our Values 
Our values support our mission and vision and drive everything we do.  
The Core C’s are at the heart of Sage & Barrel:
We Care – About the environment 
               We Collaborate – With other businesses across the US 
                  We Connect – By being a bridge for merchants and consumers  
We Champion – Women-led and small business owners