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Facial Skin Care Accessories Bundle

Facial Skin Care Accessories Bundle

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18-pcs, reusable, eco-friendly, facial skin care bundle. An amazing package for your facial skincare, while helping our environment and planet!

Big discount over individual prices. Great deal for a great package. Includes (8) Reusable, washable facial round pads with a mesh bag for laundry.
 (8) environmental-friendly natural loofah
 (1) Set of two Reusable, washable, multi-purpose silicone swabs 
 (1) Beautiful extra-soft facial bamboo wood handle cleaning brush

- Reusable facial round pads: Our amazing pads remove even the hardest makeup from the face and eye area, deep cleansing facial pores Includes a drawstring laundry bag. Convenient, reusable.

- Natural loofah sponge. Experience the natural exfoliating and buffs away dead skin to revitalize dull, flaky skin and leave you feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

- Reusable, washable cotton swabs: Swabs are soft and flexible, suitable for sensitive body parts. Two-version packs serve multipurpose uses like ear cleaning and all beauty requirements like makeup and touch-up.

- Facial bamboo wood handle facial cleansing brush: Gently cleans pores, removes blackheads, oil, and other dirt. It is soft and gentle on delicate skin while effective in cleaning. You love this amazing facial skin-care bundle!.